Yaquina Bay

by Yaquina Bay

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Recorded at Trash Treasury in inner SE Portland, OR by Adam Becker in December 2016. Mastered for vinyl, CD, and digital by Adam Gonsalves, Portland, OR.


released March 2, 2018

Yaquina Bay is:
Chris Ward: Electric Piano, Guitar, Voice
Alana Fouts: Violin
Michelle Reed: Violin
Kendra Schmal: Piano, Voice
Shawn Thornill: Percussion
Jacob Marsh (live): Bass
Aaron Schmidt (studio): Bass, Percussion


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Yaquina Bay Salem, Oregon

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Track Name: Flood
Please don’t forget my name.
I used to have a voice.
I’ll never be the same.
As if I had the choice.

When I fell in to you (Umatilla Flood)
I found what was me.
It turns out that I’m not what I thought I was.
How could I have not seen?

The tide is coming in now.
The waves are rising up.
Will you come back from this, now?
Or will you give it up?

I travelled back home to your river
You water like a mirror
I searched for the child that I had left there.
But he had disappeared.

But when I had looked off the bank
I saw someone who looked like me.
Weathered over time, the lines upon his face.
Fighting to breathe.

And when you’ve lost it all, now,
and when you’re left behind
Your body disappears, now
Fit justice for the crime

Your life is speeding up, now
The dark is setting in.
There’s no one left to hold you.
It sinks in to your skin.

Fumbling in the dark
Where had you gone?
The cross you gave me.
You were everything.

Please don’t forget my name.
I used to have a voice.
Track Name: Lebanon
It started out alright. Alright.
It would be different then
It’s alright, it’s alright
I drove to Lebanon to find some rhyme
But I have been waiting for a long time, a long time.

Oh that flood will end us now.
It’s reached the door outside our house.

I tore myself to sleep last night. Last night
And I heard you loud and clear last night. Last night
The sound of his mocking voice was so right, was so right
But I have been waiting for a long time, a long time.

Oh my God, where are you now?
It floods and fills my lungs till I drown.
Oh my God, where are you now?
Oh my God, we need you now
Track Name: Starting Again
I should have thought it out.
How could I ever know?
It’s only just begun.

And if I write it out,
It’s there for me to see.
I know I’m far too proud.

It’s hard to love at all
When you have no idea
Of life eternally.

When everyone I know,
The people that I love
Will die the same as me.

And even if I die,
I’ll cross the great divide.
Begin again this time,
On my own

I’ve lived my whole life
Running from every change
For as long as my memory serves

I just can’t keep my head from turning around
Being blind to the seasons in store.

It comes back when I’m left alone.
When I’m away from my friends and my home.
I find myself in a car on the coast
Running away.
Track Name: Gold Hill
Have I had enough time to examine it all?
Would I do it all again?
I couldn’t believe I wasn’t different from everyone else.

Remember the time when I lifted my voice?
Or am I the only one?
That memory comes back more than I’d like to admit.

Would you mind
If I wasted some more time?

I drove you up the five while you slept in the car
The sun caught in your hair.
I knew it was done.
I knew it wouldn’t be repaired.

And when I found myself on the Tillamook coast
In a car that wasn’t mine.
I couldn’t confront any change in the season I’d find.

Say you won’t mind
if I wasted some more time.
Tell me I’m right
That I chose this life.

Tell me I’m right
That I chose this life.
Tell me it will be fine.
You see, I’m out of time.
Track Name: Gaines Street
It’s hard to put it in to perspective.
I never know where to begin.
No more could be said for that moment
I’ll go over again, and again.

Was I right to let it fall apart?
And I’m not ready to go home.

There used to be a time I could answer.
We were living in black and white.
But Pendleton’s where we would leave it.
In that place where we came in to life.

Is that all? Or is there too much to let go?
But you’re outside my clutch

And the task at hand is my own.
I’ve already learned how to live alone.
The voice of the Maker I’ve always known.
Has grown faint.

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